What heat record did 2017 set? Hottest ever? Yes and No.

We are continually getting hotter and hotter years this century. 2014 became the hottest year across the globe ever, until 2015 beat it, but then 2016 beat that. 2017 didn’t beat out 2016, but it did beat 2014 and 2015, so it was the second hottest year ever. 2016 had an El Niño, but 2017 did not. 2017 was the hottest year ever, in a year without an El Niño! So yes and no – 2017 did and did not set a “hottest ever” record. This was based on data gathered by NASA.

The guardian published a good article titled “2017 was the hottest year on record without an El Niño, thanks to global warming“. The article has all sorts of climate-related temperature records embedded. You should read it.

If we continue to release GHGs into the atmosphere, how many more years will the temperature continue to increase? And what will the result be?

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