Wall Street Journal commentary grossly misleads readers about science of sea level rise

This article evaluates an article by Fred Singer (“The Sea Is Rising, but Not Because of Climate Change”) about sea level rise that was published in the Wall Street Journal on The article explains why Mr. Singer’s article is pure hogwash, as Singer cherry-picks data, misrepresents facts, and shows that he clearly has another agenda for writing this article. Follow this link to understand who Fred Singer is, what he believes, and who he gets funding from.

Scientists who reviewed this opinion piece explained that it is contradicted by a wealth of data and research. Singer bases his conclusion entirely on a cherry-picked comparison of sea level rise 1915-1945 and a single study published in 1990, claiming a lack of accelerating sea level rise despite continued warming. But in fact, modern research utilizing all available data clearly indicates that sea level rise has accelerated, and is unambiguously the result of human-caused global warming.

My question is this: How good is the financial advice provided by the Wall Street Journal if they are so wrong on climate change?

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