The bogus numbers at the center of the GOP’s Green New Deal attacks.

This article discusses how denialists are using bogus numbers to support the GOP’s Green New Deal attacks. Republicans’ estimates that the climate plan would cost $93 trillion are based on a think tank study that doesn’t endorse that total.

Republicans claim the “Green New Deal” would cost $93 trillion — a number that would dwarf the combined economic output of every nation on Earth. The figure is bogus.

The number originated with a report by a conservative think tank, American Action Forum, that made huge assumptions about how Democrats would implement their plan. But the $93 trillion figure does not appear anywhere in the think tank’s report — and AAF President Douglas Holtz-Eakin confessed he has no idea how much the Green New Deal would cost.

This article, Why The Green New Deal Cuts Consumer Energy Costs & Unemployment, attempts to provide the facts. Critics claim, though, that the Green New Deal is unaffordable and uneconomical and will sink the US into more debt. Having led the research team that developed science-based plans to transition each of the 50 states to 100% wind, water, and solar (WWS) in all energy sectors (electricity, transportation, heating and cooling, and industry), we conclude the opposite is true: the benefits of clean energy systems greatly exceed the costs. 10 other independent research groups similarly find that 100% renewable energy systems are low cost without fossil fuels with carbon capture or nuclear power.

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