Study: fish species will be forced to migrate north to escape effects of climate change

This article discusses the impact on fish of the oceans temperature increases. ‘If you’re fishing for black sea bass, and you have to travel 300 or 400 extra miles to do it, that’s a real problem’.

Hundreds of species of fish and shellfish will be forced to migrate northwards to escape the effects of climate change, putting global fisheries at risk.

Sea creatures are highly sensitive to the temperature of water,and if it gets too warm they will often shift to areas that suit them better.

Fishermen in the UK and around the world have already reported changes in the types and quantities of fish they are hauling up from the depths.

In a new study published in the PLOS ONE journal, scientists have predicted the response of nearly 700 species of fish and other creatures inhabiting the waters around North America to future warming.

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