Study: Finding Harvey’s rains matched Gulf evaporation, scientists issue warning

This article discusses a study about hurricane Harvey rainfall, with a warming that this will likely become a harbinger of things to come.

Ever since Hurricane Harvey struck Houston last year with a record-breaking deluge, the city has been awash with warnings that more catastrophic storms are on the figurative horizon.

Some of these admonitions have been coupled with reminders that scientists say a warming climate is bringing warmer Gulf of Mexico waters, which can fuel more dangerous hurricanes. Many other warnings, however, haven’t been tied explicitly to climate change.

Earlier this month, researchers published a new study about Harvey that combined first-ever findings that link ocean-water temperatures and hurricane rainfall in a particular, compelling way. Based on these conclusions about Harvey’s precipitation, the scientists added their own voices to the chorus calling for at-risk cities like Houston to do a better job of strengthening themselves against hurricanes boosted by climate change.

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