Spring has arrived early for much of the US

This article shows a map of the US, and areas where Spring has already arrived. This has serious consequences on just about everything, and it is not good.

On February 21, it reached 80 degrees in Washington, DC — the earliest date on recordto achieve a temperature so high in the city. Since then, the weather has been unusually mild, and the environment has responded accordingly. Cherry trees are budding, spring flowers are shooting up out of the ground. In sum, it feels like spring has arrived, four weeks ahead of schedule.

And it’s not just happening in Washington. For almost the entire West Coast, Southwest, and mid-South, spring is weeks ahead of schedule, as this helpful map from the US Geological Service shows.

An early spring can feel like nice escape from the dull winter landscape, but it comes with some consequences, as the USGS explained last year. The early spring could bring “early-season disease-carriers such as ticks and mosquitoes, and an earlier, longer and more vigorous pollen season.”

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