So Much Fracking Gas! A Ballot Initiative to Protect Coloradans

This article discusses the Sierra Club ballot initiative in Colorado to not allow fracking wells closer than 2,500 feet from where people live and work.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to expand ‘buffer’ zones around schools and homes where fracking should not occur!

This map, which shows where fracking wells are located in Colorado, has more dots than a cup of Dip ‘n Dots’ “Ice Cream of the Future”. Currently, Colorado has approximately 50,000 active oil wells and 20,000 abandoned wells.

Dr. Beth Ewaskowitz, PhD in Neuroscience and Pharmacology, is a mother in Erie, Colorado. When she looked at the map, which shows both closed and active wells, she found 156-158 wells within a 1 mile radius of her home, her child’s school, and the recreation center where her son spends most of his free time. “And I looked at that, and I went, oh my god. You know they are around, but they paint them beige so you don’t really notice them.”

Colorado is blessed with a wealth of natural resources. Unfortunately, extraction of oil and natural gas can be dangerous. Fracking, a common method of extraction, is a process involving twenty-nine additives, many of which are known or possible human carcinogens like lead, benzene, and formaldehyde.

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