Report: Climate Change Is Here — and It Looks Like Starvation

This article discusses how climate change will lead to starvation. But don’t expect to hear about it on the nightly news.

Last week, the international NGO CARE published its third annual report on the world’s 10 most-under-reported humanitarian crises. Being a battleground in the US war on terror still gets you in the news sometimes, which is likely why Somalia did not rate a mention, but its neighbor, Ethiopia, received the unwelcome honor of making the list twice. It held second place for hunger in its east, where the same drought that hit Somalia two years ago has left more than 3 million people in need of humanitarian aid, and seventh place for massive displacement in the south, where violence broke out between pastoral and agricultural communities last spring. (Throughout the continent, drought is spurring deadly conflicts between herders and farmers over land rights.) By the end of the summer, nearly a million people had fled their homes.

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