Poisonous Snakes Coming North. Why? Its getting warmer in the north.

Inside Climate News published a story in March 2016 about how warming climates will affect creatures, with an emphasis on poisonous snakes.

Poisonous Snakes are moving northward, as the north warms up. Oh joy! Makes sense, as there is virtually no competition for what they need, and the number of freezing days is reduced due to global warming. We have cottonmouth snakes in the far southeastern part of Virginia, but only there. We do have rivers and pathways north, however. Iif only the weather would coperate and get just a bit warmer, more to their liking.


Here’s some opening paragraphs from that article.

“Forget the spread of ticks and mosquitoes. Climate change could be responsible for bigger bites by drawing poisonous snakes northward into a band along the U.S. and Canadian border, as well as southward into wide swaths of South America.

Using models to predict the ranges of 78 venomous snake species across the Americas, researchers at the University of Kansas’ Biodiversity Institute found snakebite risk areas could increase significantly. By 2050, they could reach as far north as Alberta and Quebec and southward into Argentina and Chile.”

Anyone care to think about bacteria or germs that only like hot places?

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