No new ‘ice age’ likely in Earth’s future

This article discusses the prospects for a new ice age, a story that climate change deniers often parrot.

This month’s original video debunks climate doubters’ frequent assertions that a slowdown in sunspot activity will lead to significant global cooling. One seldom hears the term “Maunder Minimum” even at the most wonkish cocktail parties in the upscale Georgetown or Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. climate change activists or lobbyists.

But random talk of our planet’s soon entering – or perhaps having recently entered – a “new ice age” characterized by global cooling? That’s a different matter: that subject comes up repeatedly among those eager to disprove any significant ongoing atmospheric warming.

So, what’s behind the incessant refrain? And what is the science community’s evidence-based rebuttal? That’s the subject of this month’s Yale Climate Connections “This Is Not Cool” original video.

In the new video, Scripps Institution of Oceanography physicist Dan Lubin, PhD, lead author of a recent research report on the issue in Astrophysical Journal Letters, says even a deep plunge into a new solar minimum “won’t get us out of the woods in respect to anthropogenic climate change.”

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