Jay Inslee Is Actually Taking the Climate Refugee Crisis Seriously

This article discusses how Democrat Jay Inslee is taking the climate refugee problem seriously in his campaign for President.

In a future where storms are more powerful and entire communities are destroyed, people are going to need somewhere to go. They’re gonna need new homes—and a leader willing to let them in.

Washington State governor and White House hopeful Jay Inslee might be that leader. This week, Inslee became the first U.S. presidential candidate to include immigration policy in a formal climate plan. Released Wednesday, the Global Climate Mobilization Plan details his international policy approach to climate change, including how climate change is exacerbating the world’s refugee crisis and will continue to do so. The plan outlines some of Inslee’s ideas for how to tackle this growing crisis, as well as strategies around international trade and the global economy.

It’s right in line with Inslee’s $9 trillion climate plan to transform the U.S. economy to one revolved around clean energy and equity. He wants to make sure the U.S. isn’t the only one that makes it out of this mess in one piece. And less developed countries are even more vulnerable.

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