High Percentage of Kindergartens Exposed to Transport Pollutants

This article discusses how worsening air pollution from coal power and urban transport are threatening a high percentage of children across the world.

A recent article in New York Times painted Poland as Europe’s climate villain due to its worsening air pollution as well as plans to further build out its coal power. The country now has 33 out of the 50 dirtiest cities in the European Union, and according to Greenpeace, 62% of kindergartens in Poland are located in heavily polluted areas.

Whether or not Poland, Germany, or other contenders deserve the villain mantle, a child inhaling toxic fumes is something we can all agree is bad, but the problem is widespread. In Los Angeles, 169 childcare centers are determined to be too close to freeways, and in Moscow 24% of kindergartens were located within 100 meters of a four-lane road.

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