Great Barrier Reef coral at risk of bleaching from Queensland flood waters

This article discusses how the Great Barrier Reef coral are at risk of bleaching from Queensland flood waters. Marine park authority fear freshwater bleaching after scientists report ‘extensive’ flood plumes and drop in water salinity.

Freshwater bleaching of corals could occur this year as a result of flood waters from Queensland’s overflowing rivers pouring into the Great Barrier Reef, the marine park authority has warned.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority told Senate estimates hearings in Canberra on Monday that there is a chance corals hit by mass bleaching in 2016 or 2017 could be damaged again by one of several impacts from the flooding disaster.

Bruce Elliot, the authority’s acting chief executive, said scientists were out monitoring flood plumes on the reef and it was possible that freshwater bleaching could affect inshore reefs.

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