Floods just pummeled Washington, D.C. and the footage is wild

This Mashable article discusses how floods just pummeled Washington, D.C. and the footage is wild.

Even the White House is leaking.

Potent storms deluged the Washington, D.C. area Monday morning, marooning drivers atop their vehiclestransforming boulevards into brown rivers, filling parking garages with water, and dumping rainwater into the Metro.

The swampy capital certainly has a rich history of pummeling storms and flash floods, though the heaviest downpours have shot up by over 70 percent in the Northeast and 27 percent in the Southeast since the late 1950s. In large part, this is because today’s atmosphere holds more water vapor than decades ago. Specifically, for every 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming, the air can hold 7 percent more water — resulting in more heavy rain events. Earth has already warmed by more than 1 degree C since 1880.

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