Farmers unable to cope with shocks induced by climate change

This article discusses the impact on farmers from global warming.

LAHORE: Ijaz Ahmed Rao has just finished sowing cotton on his 60 acres in Bahawalnagar. He is now worried that an unusual heatwave, which has gripped the country for several days, may have devastating effect on his crop.

“If the present heatwave continues for a longer period, it would stunt or slow down plant growth. That means I’ll have to spend more on fertilizers to mitigate the impact of adverse weather on my crop,” he told Dawn by telephone.

The ongoing heatwave is not the only worry that keeps Mr Rao occupied these days. He is becoming less and less certain about the timing, intensity and duration of monsoon that has become erratic now. “Torrential rains will increase the risk of disease and pest attack, causing production losses. It is as bad, if not worse, as extreme dry and hot weather,” he argues.

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