DeSmogBlog, June 15, 2019

This blog discusses the following:

  1. Following Carcinogen Data Fiasco, Pressure Grows on Massachusetts to Revoke Enbridge Facility Permit
  2. US Poised to Approve Shipping LNG by Rail for Export With No New Safety Rules
  3. House to Debate Amendment With Big Implications for Expanding Petrochemical Industry
  4. Australia’s Controversial Adani Coal Mine Gets Final Government Approval
  5. US Renewable Energy Capacity Beats Coal for the First Time
  6. Justice Through Citizen Science: How ‘Chemical Fingerprinting’ Could Change Public Health
  7. ‘This Is What Fascists Do’: Trump Attempted to Suppress State Dept Analyst’s Testimony on Climate Crisis
  8. A Radical Idea to Get a High-Renewable Electric Grid: Build Way More Solar and Wind Than Needed
  9. From the Climate Disinformation Database: Frontier Centre for Public Policy

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