DeSmogBlog July 13, 2019

This week’s stories include:

  1. The ‘Historical Jigsaw of Climate Deception’: Private Notes Show How Big Oil Spread Climate Science Denial

  2. Big Oil’s ‘Natural Climate Solutions’ Feasibility Overblown, Critics Say

  3. Bipartisan Group of Governors Pushes Back on Big Oil, Tells Trump Admin to Halt Clean Car Rollbacks

  4. Here Are Some of the Climate-Linked Disasters and Rollbacks Trump’s ‘Environmental Leadership’ Speech Didn’t Cover

  5. Louisiana’s Cancer Alley Residents Take the Fight for Environmental Justice on the Road

  6. More Signs That Natural Gas Can’t Compete With Renewables on Cost

  7. Philadelphia Explosion One in String of ‘Near Miss’ Accidents at Refineries Using Deadly Chemical 

  8. Williams Pipeline Support Highlights Environmental Defense Fund’s Long, Cozy Relationship With Fracking Pseudoscience 

  9. From the Climate Disinformation Database: Energy4US

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