DeSmog Blog – June 8, 2019

This DeSmogBlog weekly posting addresses:

  1. A March Through Heat, Felony Threats, and Pollution Brings Louisiana’s Cancer Alley to Governor’s Attention
  2. Will Ohio River Get Optional Pollution Limits as New Fracking-Reliant Plastics Industry Moves in?
  3. Exclusive: Enbridge Is Behind This Front Group Pushing the Company’s Line 3 Oil Pipeline Project
  4. Congressional Dems to EPA’s Wheeler: Stop Spreading Oil Industry Lies About Clean Car Rules
  5. Trump Admin Argues No Constitutional Right to a Safe Climate Two Years After Ditching Paris Accord
  6. Of Course This ‘Highly Biased Poll’ By Oil-Funded Koch Groups Claims that Americans Don’t Like Electric Cars
  7. It’s Time to Stop Calling Natural Gas a ‘Bridge Fuel’ to a Safe Climate, Says New Report
  8. Breaking: Environmental Justice March Hits Road Block in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley
  9. As Natural Gas Infrastructure Decisions Loom, Massachusetts Gov. Baker Invests in Fossil Fuel Companies
  10. New Poll Shows Widespread Bipartisan Interest in Electric Cars
  11. Lobbying Against Key US Climate Regulation ‘Cost Society $60 Billion,’ Study Finds
  12. Secrecy Versus Sunshine: Efforts to Hide Government Records Never Stop
  13. Op-Ed: Exxon’s Climate Denial Again Under Pressure at Investors Meeting
  14. From the Climate Disinformation Database: Institute for Energy Research (IER)

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