CPAC – Deniers Laud Trump, Repeat Al Gore Attacks and Tired Climate Denier Myths

This article describes the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside of D.C. held in February 2018. 

The event became a virtual who’s who of climate science deniers hosted by a Heartland Institute panel, where they, predictably, used former Vice President Al Gore as a punching bag, gushed over Trump’s environmental protection rollbacks, and alleged that the scientific consensus on climate change is a lie. The session, titled “Trump’s America First Energy Plan: Restoring our Prosperity and Destroying Eco-Left Memes”, drew many familiar faces from the industry-funded right wing think tanks that regularly battle against environmental laws and the climate justice movement in America.

Here are some of the august attendees: Jim Lakely, Heartland Institute, Craig Rucker, Christina Wilson Norman, and Marc Morano of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT); the Competitive Enterprise Institute; and the Heritage Foundation; Dr. David Legates of the University of Delaware, Nick Loris of the Heritage Foundation, and Isaac Orr of the Heartland Institute. The main speaker for the two-hour breakout session was former Congressman and now Heartland President and CEO Tim Huelskamp.

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