Chasing Coral Shows The Tangible, Devastating Effects Of Our Warming Planet

This article discusses the devastation caused to coral reefs by global warming.

The documentary–the winner of the photography and visualization category of Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards–shows how our warming oceans are killing coral, in the hopes of inspiring audiences to take climate action.

In one of the hypnotic opening scenes in the documentary Chasing Coral, a diver swims through a coral reef filled with life: sea turtles, bright blue and yellow fish, and coral in shades of pale yellow, olive green, and muted blues and browns. A little later, the diver–the former ad exec Richard Vevers, who left the corporate world to launch an ocean nonprofit–joins a researcher on a dive in Florida, where warming water has caused mass bleaching. When they go underwater, all that is left to see are coral skeletons.

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