Can climate litigation save the world?

This articles discusses the spate of lawsuits being filed against industries that are responsible for global warming, or against governments who are in a position to stop it, but won’t.┬áCourts are a new front line of climate action with cases against governments and oil firms spiraling, and while victories have so far been rare the pressure for change is growing.

Global moves to tackle climate change through lawsuits are poised to break new ground this week, as groups and individuals seek to hold governments and companies accountable for the damage they are causing.

On Tuesday, action by 12 UK citizens reaches the high court for the first time, while on Wednesday in San Francisco, the science of climate change will effectively be on trial at a key moment in a lawsuit.

The litigation represents a new front of climate action, with citizens aiming to force stronger moves to cut carbon emissions, and win damages to pay the costs of dealing with the impacts of warming.

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