Books and reports on the denial and obstruction of climate science

This article discusses new books and reports aimed at ‘debunking’ some of the common and long-lived efforts to cast doubt on climate change scientific evidence. IT IS AN EXCELLENT REFERENCE FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN DEBUNKING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS.

Nearly forty years ago, when their own scientists confirmed what government and university researchers were learning about the likely consequences of the rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, fossil fuel companies like Exxon and Shell faced a choice: change their business models or challenge the science that threatened those models. The oil companies chose the latter option. And over the next several decades, through a variety of means and front organizations, they successfully blocked action on climate change by manufacturing doubt about climate science.

Below Yale Climate Connections presents a chronological listing of twelve books that reported on different aspects of this concerted effort to deny and obstruct climate science and policy-making. Also highlighted are three reports that offer tips for debunking climate-dismissive arguments.


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