Arctic Sea Ice Missed a Record Low This Winter. Barely.

This areticle discusses the decreasing amount of sea ice in the Arctic.

With each passing decade, the ice grows a bit less in winter, and melts a bit more in summer. The record for the least amount of sea ice gained in the winter was set last year [2016], when the ice covered 5.57 million square miles (14.42 million square kilometers) at its peak. This winter’s [2017] maximum extent was slightly greater, at 5.59 million square miles (14.48 million square kilometers), according to the data center.

Despite the small increase this year, the downward trend in winter ice coverage is unmistakable, and the past four years have been the four lowest on record.

The Northeastern United States faced four nor’easters in as many weeks, and Western Europe encountered subzero temperatures that were far lower than at the North Pole.

These weather patterns are influenced by the jet stream.

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