Zombie Coal Plants Show Why Trump’s Emergency Plan Is No Cure-All

This article discusses how Trump’s stupid policy cannot save the coal industry. Two old Virginia power plants already operate under federal emergency authority. They don’t meet pollution standards, and one failed and has been offline for weeks.

Yorktown, where Lord Cornwallis accepted General Washington’s victory to end the American Revolution, would seem like an appropriate spot for a surrender in the war on coal.

Instead, two outdated coal-fired power plants there, the Yorktown 1 and 2 units operated by Dominion Energy, are limping along in the Virginia heat.

Inefficient, uncompetitive, and out of compliance with federal pollution standards, and long slated for retirement, the Yorktown boilers have been fired back up intermittently since last year under an emergency license granted by the Department of Energy using a rarely invoked authority of the Federal Power Act (FPA).

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