Yale Climate Connections July 19, 2019

This week they discuss:

  1. The ‘war on coal’ myth. Environmental regulations aren’t the reason that coal is falling off the map.
  2. What’s the difference between weather and climate? They’re closely related, but they’re not actually the same thing.
  3. Do we need an Apollo program for climate change? Yes for technology, but only if we can get politics out of the way.
  4. What is known about the mysterious disappearance of insects? These news articles and accessible scientific papers explain the latest findings on the ‘insect apocalypse.’
  5. How helping people could protect endangered species. People and animals – like Rwanda’s mountain gorillas – are under increasing pressure as the climate changes.
  6. Christian author sees climate change as a moral issue.  ‘Caring for God’s creation is one of the most important mandates that he gave us as his children.’
  7. Could we use sand or concrete as batteries? The low-cost materials could store energy generated by wind and solar farms.
  8. Not waiting for Trump: States move to regulate HFCs. The heat-trapping gases are used in refrigerators and air conditioners.
  9. A surprisingly cost-effective zero-energy house. The Connecticut bungalow shows that climate-friendly construction doesn’t require a bigger budget.

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