What Is Coal Ash and Why Is It Dangerous? And a Dam break in NC

The first article discusses what coal ash is and why it is so dangerous. The phrase “coal ash” made headlines this week after a dam on a lake at the site of a power plant in Wilmington, N.C., was breached, allowing the hazardous ash into a river that supplies drinking water to much of the southeastern part of the state. The plant that was shut down, owned by Duke Energy, had been a growing concern since last week after heavy rains associated with Hurricane Florence caused a coal ash landfill at the site to erode, spilling ash onto a roadway.

The second article, describes how flooding, caused by hurricane Florence, may breach a dam at a Duke power plant, and spill tons of coal ash into drinking water. Florence’s floodwaters breached a dam holding back a large reservoir at a Wilmington power plant Friday, and coal ash from an adjacent dump could be flowing into the nearby Cape Fear River.

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