Uncontrolled climate change could result in disaster for our kids. Will we do something?

This article discusses the fact that uncontrolled climate change could result in disaster for our kids, asking whether we will actually do something. There is a one in 20 chance climate change could end in disaster by 2050. This is too great a risk. When will we start to protect our children?

Would you put your child or grandchild on a plane that has a one chance in 20 of a disastrous crash?

It’s hard imagining anyone doing that, but it is essentially what we are doing to our kids and grandkids by not raising our voices about climate change and the 1-in-20 chance that disaster lies ahead for them. It is bad enough that we are likely on the path to exceed the 3.6 degree Fahrenheit goal stated in the Paris Agreement, which will result in dire consequences such as increasing droughts and wildfires and inundation of low lying coastal areas because of sea level rise.

If we continue on that path without taking the necessary actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is a 5 percent chance of catastrophic consequences — even an existential threat to humanity by mid-century, according to experts at the Scripps Institute.

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