There’s No Looking Away From This Year’s California Fires

This article discusses that what we saw in California this year is unlike anything that has come before. But odds are we’ll see it again.

There is only one story in California, and that is the fires. What are we going to do about the fires?

On Friday evening, after a week spent indoors trying to avoid breathing the filthy airoutside my windows, my family and I jumped in the car and drove from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. It was one of the only spots on PurpleAir’s map of the state that wasn’t covered in the orange, red, or purple dots that indicate smoke-filled air. While smoke from fires has drifted into San Francisco before — most notably last October when multiple fires lashed across the wine country — in the 20 years I’ve lived here it’s never stuck around like this. I’ve never seen so many people in masks or seen the sky stay so dark for so many days on end. As California’s fires go, this was something new.

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