The Monarch butterfly is in great peril.

Esquire discusses why the Monarch butterfly is in great peril – climate change. We Leave the Milkweed Standing as a Monument to a Vanishing World.

All around our house, there are thick stands of milkweed. They grow tall all summer so that, by August, Monarch butterflies will dance amid them. (Milkweed is catnip for Monarchs. The only good comparison around the yard is the thistle we leave up so as to tempt the goldfinches.) This plague summer has been no different. Outside, doing yard work, sweating behind the mask and trying to avoid the neighbors, I look upon the Monarchs darting amid the milkweed as a reward for being a good immunological citizen.

Now, however, I read in the Boston Review that the other end of the Monarch supply chain, in Mexico, to which the Monarchs migrate every winter, is largely destroying itself with the invaluable help of humans.

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