The League of Anti-Environmental Extremists

This New Republic article discusses what is being called “The League of Anti-Environmental Extremists”. A new poll suggests the Trump administration—packed to the brim with industry lapdogs and climate skeptics—is significantly more anti-environment than the American public is.

The number of anti-climate appointees running federal public lands and environmental policy has become, like a great many alarming situations, unnervingly pedestrian three years into the Trump presidency. Particularly after the brazen grift attempts so lazily hidden by Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke, few headlines are likely to surprise a numbed public. The past week, however, has brought a particularly interesting juxtaposition of news: fresh evidence of the anti-environmental extremism of William Perry Pendley, the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) current acting director, and new opinion polling on public land and drilling. Taken together, they’re an over-due chance to recognize this parade of unfit and corrupt presidential appointees for what they are—not just tools of the extraction industry, but the voice of policies significantly more extreme than those backed by the average American.

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