The Energy 202: Republicans can’t agree on this climate deal brokered by Obama

This article discusses how Republicans are attempting to reconcile the reality of climate change.

Republicans are happy to see the Trump administration do away with most of the climate policies of the previous president — or at least try to. But conservative politicians and activists are deeply divided over whether to cement into law a hard-fought international agreement on a set of little-known greenhouse gases.

The tiff concerns a multilateral effort to phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs. That class of organic compounds, which are used in but also leak from air conditioners, pose a dual threat to the planet: They erode Earth’s protective ozone layer and amplify the greenhouse effect.

In President Barack Obama’s final full year in office, his administration negotiated an amendment to the landmark Montreal Protocol attempting to curtail their use. But conservatives are divided about whether they should ratify the changes to the treaty now that they are in charge.

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