The Daily Climate – 11/27/2013

This day’s articles include:

  1. Natural gas drilling can fracture political alliances on both sides of the aisle

  2. How Los Angeles plans to get people out of cars by 2028

  3. To address climate change, Charlotte is buying out homeowners and demolishing flood-prone houses
  4. Where flooding is most affecting property values

  5. How to go green on Black Friday

  6. Marine researchers find a dramatic ecosystem shift in Russian Arctic waters

  7. Yes, electric vehicles really are better than fossil fuel burners

  8. World’s emissions gap is growing, with no sign of peaking soon, UN warns

  9. Shocking photos of Swiss glaciers reveal how ice has nearly disappeared since 1800s

  10. US grid reliability threatened by warming rivers

  11. How climate change exacerbates gender inequality across the globe

  12. Canada’s perplexing pipeline plans go unexplained

  13. Pollution from planned fossil fuel production would overshoot Paris climate goals

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