The Climate Change Solution Scientists Have Been Overlooking

This Mother Jones article discusses a potential climate change that scientists may have been overlooking. You might have learned about it in sex ed.

Overpopulation is a major contributor to climate change, but according to new research, a solution is lying in plain sight: increased access to effective contraceptives.

“Global climate change represents a grave threat to the future of human welfare and our natural environment,” write doctors John Bongaarts and Régine Sitruk-Ware of the Population Council in New York in an article published Tuesday in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health. “The contentious ongoing policy debate about potential interventions focuses on switching to renewable energy sources and increasing energy use efficiency. But given the urgency of the problem and the lack of political will, other approaches to limit greenhouse gas emissions should be given higher priority. Improving access to effective contraception is one such policy that has thus far been largely ignored by the international climate community.

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