Study: warm water lowers nutritional value of fish and squid

This article discusses how the warming planet will impact fish.

The nutritional value of fish and squid deteriorates during warm water events, a new study has revealed.

A research team that studied gannets at Farewell Spit’s internationally renowned bird sanctuary for four years has made a surprising new discovery, which may hold implications for our marine life and its predators, including humans.

The study was led by senior researcher Dr Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska of the University of Sydney, in collaboration with the James Cook University in Queensland, Massey University, the Ornithological Society of New Zealand and the Department of Conservation.

Under warm water events, the nutritional balance of fish and squid was shown be of a lower quality and contained less healthy oils, while under cold water events it was of a higher quality.

Machovsky-Capuska said the findings showed that with the sea rising temperatures, the fish on our plates may not have the same nutritional value as we thought.

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