Study: Tropical storms can sometimes ‘supercharge’ the storms that follow

National Geographic discusses how Tropical storms can sometimes ‘supercharge’ the storms that follow. In 2018, a tropical storm teamed up with a heat wave to strengthen a hurricane—a storm-fueling scenario that might happen more often as the planet warms.

This hurricane season has already been one for the record books. The season’s 25th named storm, Delta, is closing in on the already-battered Gulf Coast—and there’s still another few weeks of the official season to go. The hot Gulf waters that have super-fueled Hurricane Delta are becoming more common as the planet warms, as is a combination of factors that can make big, fast-growing storms more dangerous.

A new study, published last month in Nature Communicationsshows how one storm’s effect on hot, shallow Gulf waters—coupled with hot weather—created the conditions to amplify the next storm that came along into something much more powerful.

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