Study: Trees and Climate change

This article discusses whether we are overestimating how much trees will help fight Climate Change? By using imaging scans to measure internal decay, researchers find forests may store far less carbon than we think. His research, published in Environmental Research Letters late last year and funded by the National Science Foundation, focused on a technique to see inside trees — a kind of scan known as tomography (the “T” in CAT scan.) This particular tomography was developed for use by arborists to detect decay in urban and suburban trees, mainly for safety purposes. Marra, however, may be the first to deploy it for measuring carbon content and loss associated with internal decay. Where there is decay there is less carbon, he explains, and where there is a cavity, there is no carbon at all.

This National Geographic article discusses why forests on Utah’s public lands may soon be torn out. The U.S. is moving forward with a plan to create new cattle pasture and prevent fires despite what scientists say is meager environmental review.

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