Study: That Siberian Heat Wave? Yes, Climate Change Was a Big Factor

The New York Times discusses how Climate Change was a big factor in the Siberian heat wave. An analysis of recent record temperatures found that climate change made this year’s long hot spell 600 times more likely.

This year’s startling heat across much of Siberia would have been all but impossible without human influence on climate change, researchers have concluded.

The scientists looked at two recent examples of exceptional heating in Siberia, one long-term and the other more brief. The first was the overall rise in temperature across the region from January to June, which was more than nine degrees Fahrenheit above average temperatures recorded between 1951 and 1980. The second was the astonishing spike on June 20 that put temperatures at the Russian town of Verkhoyansk at a reported 100.4 degrees, which the Russian Meteorological Service said is a record for temperatures anywhere north of the Arctic Circle.

In their analysis, the scientists said climate change made the prolonged heat event 600 times as likely to occur as it would be without climate change.

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