Study: Seal level rise impacts in Maine, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and San Francisco

These three articles discuss how sea level rise will harm the East Coast, in Maine, in Maryland, in Virginia, in Florida, and in San Francisco.

A study released this week show Maine lost about $70 million in appreciated waterfront property values from 2005 to 2017. The researchers have established a database – – where people can check the risk of their town or even their address.

A new report from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, released in December. warns that Maryland will face a dramatic increase in the rate of sea level rise later this century, with nuisance flooding becoming a daily occurrence in many waterfront areas if nations fail to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Virginia Beach hired Dewberry, an engineering consultant, in 2015 to conduct the $3.8 million study, which is still in progress. The first piece was rolled out last week. … If Virginia Beach takes no action, then a foot and a half of sea level rise would cost the city $50 million in yearly losses, the study projects. With 3 feet, that figure jumps to more than a quarter of a billion dollars — a year. The impending danger doesn’t impact the entire city. Several areas — including Sandbridge, Pungo, the Oceanfront and around the Lynnhaven Inlet — face most of the future risk associated with sea level rise.

According to a new report from Climate Central and Zillow, 2,659 homes (at a value of $871.9 million) in Duval County, Florida, are at risk of coastal flooding by the year 2050 under an unchecked pollution scenario and 19,121 ($7.2 billion) could be underwater by 2100.

A virtual-reality app shows future sea-level rise in San Francisco.

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