Study: Sargassum: The biggest seaweed bloom in the world

This BBC article discusses the Sargassum, the biggest seaweed bloom in the world.

A floating mass of seaweed stretching from West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico is now the biggest seaweed bloom in the world, according to satellite observations.

The algal explosion in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea could signify a new normal, say US scientists.

Deforestation and fertiliser use are among the factors thought to be driving the growth.

The seaweed has inundated beaches, causing an environmental nuisance.

As of June 2018, the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, as scientists call it, extended 8,850km (5,500 miles) and was made up of over 20 million tonnes of biomass.

“The ocean’s chemistry must have changed in order for the blooms to get so out of hand,” said Dr Chuanmin Hu of the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, who led the study, published inĀ Science.

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