Study: Sámi more vulnerable to the impact of climate change than before

This article discusses a study that shows that the Sámi people (Finland) are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change than before. A new study shows that climate change has negative effects on the culture, well-being and mental health of the Sámi. Climate change brings new diseases both for people and reindeer.

As a result of many changes that have had an impact on society and ways of living, the Sámi are now more vulnerable to climate change than before. This finding is presented in a recent study by Jouni Jaakkola, Suvi Juntunen and Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi at the universities of Lapland and Oulu.

The traditional Sámi way of life has protected the physical and mental health of the Sámi, but social and cultural changes have now increased the lifestyle diseases of the Sámi, posing threats to their mental health.

Postdoctoral Researcher Juvvá Lemet, or Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi, from the University of Lapland says that, in their study, the researchers analyzed and reviewed articles that were published on the Sámi in 1990–2018.

«In our study, we only looked at articles that were based on their own research material or interview forms or that dealt with the climate. In addition, we used material from my fieldwork,» Näkkäläjärvi explains.

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