Study: Rising Seas Threaten Tens of Millions More People with Inundation

This Ocean of Blue article discusses how sea level rise will affect millions of people with flooding, and even that may underestimate the true impact. The study does not account for water-use practices that worsen local sea-level rise by eroding and compacting the land.

Using updated estimates of coastal elevations, a new study shows that more than three times as many people than previously thought are currently living in areas at risk of being under water during high tide in the second half of the century.

The study reckons that 110 million people today live in these coastal zones that are threatened with inundation at high tide in the coming decades, up from earlier estimates of about 28 million people.

The increase in the number of people vulnerable to sea-level rise, most of whom live in eight Asian countries, results from more precise mapping.

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