Study: Reducing U.S. coal emissions could create jobs in forestry, transportation

This article discusses how reducing U.S. coal emissions could create jobs in forestry, transportation. A new study published Thursday in the journal Joule looked at how new carbon-capture technology could not only retain thousands of jobs in the coal industry, but create thousands more.

As coal is phased out to make room for cleaner energy sources, a new study concludes new technology could create thousands of new jobs in transportation and forestry nationwide.

One of the biggest challenges to combating global warming is the loss of jobs for people who work in the coal industry, which is a major culprit in the carbon emissions responsible for climate change.

International treaties like the Paris Agreement have made clear fossil fuels like coal need to be phased out in order for humanity to survive the worst effects of a warming planet.

But job security and growing energy demands are also major factors, with many fearing the effects of phasing out fossil-fuel industries.

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