Study: More Americans Than Ever Believe in Climate Change, No Matter What Trump Says

This article discusses why More Americans Than Ever Believe in Climate Change, No Matter What Trump Says. New rates of melting ice underscore the results of an encouraging survey about environmental attitudes.

This country may be run by a rabid climate denier, but when it comes to the existential issue of our time, most Americans aren’t taking their cues from President Trump. Quite the opposite: More Americans than ever say climate change is real and that they’re worried about it.

Those are the results of a new poll by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication. In nearly every way pollsters asked, the 1,114 people surveyed in November and December expressed more awareness of climate change and its impacts, as well as more concern about the increasingly dire state of the planet.

… That’s a startling level of optimism given the constant barrage of grim news about what new havoc our greenhouse-gas-addled atmosphere is causing. The latest is a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday concluding that Greenland’s vast ice sheet is melting so fast it may have reached a “tipping point,” resulting in far more sea-level rise than previously expected.

The research like this keeps piling up: Another study focusing on the Earth’s opposite pole found that melting ice in Antarctica could similarly contribute to unprecedented increases in sea-level rise around the world. A third paper recently revealed frightening levels of warming in our oceans, which play a vital role in absorbing heat but which also expand when they warm and so contribute to the trend of rising sea levels.

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