Study: Large area of China could soon be virtually uninhabitable as deadly heatwaves increase

This article discusses the impact climate change will have on China. Research adds to body of evidence showing heat-related deaths around world will increase dramatically in coming decades.

Vast swathes of China could be left uninhabitable towards the end of the century due to heatwaves scorching the region, according to new research.

As carbon emissions soar and farmland expands across the fertile North China Plain, this area could soon see the biggest climate change-induced loss of human life on Earth, says the study by the team at America’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Their research suggested that human activity will make deadly heatwaves across the region far more likely in the coming years and leave farming there impossible.

In their study published in the journal Nature Communications, Professor Eltahir and his colleague Dr Suchul Kang used climate models to predict how rising global temperatures would affect the well-irrigated farmland of the North China Plain.

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