Study: Five myths about climate change

This article discusses five myths about climate change by Katharine Hayhoe, one of the authors of the 4th National Climate Assessment. Her explanations should help you understand how to answer deniers who make the claims below.

The Fourth National Climate Assessment — the work of 13 federal agencies and more than 350 scientists, including me — is clear: The Earth is warming faster than at any time in human history, and we’re the ones causing it. Climate change is already affecting people, and the more carbon we produce, the more dangerous the effects over the coming century. Nevertheless, many people continue to believe and propagate some misleading myths. Here are the five I hear most frequently.

  1. Climate scientists are in it for the money.
  2. The climate has changed before. It’s just a natural cycle.
  3. Climate scientists are split on whether it’s real.
  4. Climate change won’t affect me.
  5. It’s cold outside — global warming can’t be real.

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