Study: Droughts, floods, wildfires aren’t the only negative climate-change impact

This article discusses how droughts, floods, and wildfires aren’t the only negative climate-change impact.

Increasing droughts, floods, wildfires and other climate change-induced disasters can do more than wipe out homes, businesses and crops, a new Iowa State University study says.

Climate change also can make people irritable, hostile and even violent, according to a study from ISU’s Craig Anderson, a psychology professor, and Andreas Miles-Novelo, a graduate student.

With climate change, Iowa and the U.S. have gotten warmer over the past 30 years, and scientists expect the years ahead will get even hotter, bringing more frequent and intense storms.

Anderson and Miles-Novelo’s research, published in the journal Current Climate Change Reports, identified three ways climate change will increase the likelihood of violence, based on established models of aggression and violence.

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