Studies (multiple): Pesticides and poisons we live with that hurt us

The following articles discuss just how pervasive chemicals are in the environment and how it is affecting our health.

  1. PA Scientists: The Toxic Chemicals Our Agency Won’t Regulate Are Definitely in Our Drinking Water. The study is here.

  2. Roundup (glyphosate) ‘raises risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 41%’. The study is here.

  3. Roundup (glyphosate) attacks healthy gut bacteria, per a lawsuit.
  4. New health risk may be caused by PBB (poly-brominated bipenyls) exposure, per a recently published study in the scientific journal Epigenetics by Dr. Alicia Smith.

  5. Can Eating Organic Lower Your Exposure to Pesticides? Yes, per a new study.
  6. More bad phthalate news: Early life exposure linked to decreased motor skills. Thenstudy can be found here. Phthalates are used in vinyl flooring, cosmetics, detergents, lubricants, food packages, diapers, and women’s sanitary pads; they are endocrine disrupting chemicals.

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