Steve Milloy – climate change denier – works in EPA

This article discusses Steve Milloy, an climate change denier, who is, unfortunately, working at the EPA.

There’s a growing body of science showing that humans are threatened by all three. Policymakers have spent years crafting public health protections based on that research.

Steve Milloy just sees junk to debunk.

The former securities lawyer and Trump EPA transition official has held significant sway over some of the agency’s major policy moves under Administrator Scott Pruitt.

There is a mountain of science that says he’s wrong. The chemicals, drugs and environmental impacts that Milloy says are demonized by politically motivated scientists and their allies all pose health risks to humans.

Milloy won’t have it.

He’s spent his career attacking the science used by government agencies to protect the public. As a result, he’s among a distrustful minority of critics who refuse to accept mainstream research, or most of it. He’s been taking discredited positions for two decades. And he’s done it gladly.

Now, he’s having his brightest moment in President Trump’s America

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