Report: World’s Emissions Gap Is Widening, UN Warns. Here’s How to Close It.

This article discusses World’s Emissions Gap Is Widening, UN Warns. Here’s How to Close It. To keep global warming under 1.5°C, countries need to increase their efforts five-fold. That means phasing out fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy.

The gap between the goals of the Paris climate agreement and what countries have committed to do to achieve them is widening, a new United Nations report warns, posing a significant challenge to political leaders as they head into international climate negotiations next week.

Without a rapid reshaping of the global economy and energy systems—including ending the using of coal and ramping up renewable energy—the world is on track to sail past the temperature targets of the Paris Agreement. That could lock in centuries of dangerous warming.

Global greenhouse gas emissions rose about 1 percent last year, but the biggest change comes from dimming hopes for the rapid expansion of technology to capture carbon from the air and store it underground.

Previous UN studies had assumed carbon capture technologies would be widely deployed later in the century, allowing more leeway for global emissions. Instead, the latest Emissions Gap Report, published Tuesday, revised downward the world’s carbon budget—the total emissions allowable to stay within the targets of the Paris climate agreement.

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