Report: What’s the future of food?

Rabble discusses the future of food.

Worried about the future of food? There is cause for concern, of course — most of our food is grown unsustainably on large scale industrial monoculture farms, and global warming will make that kind of food production much more challenging. But the situation is not completely dire, as is made clear in Uncertain Harvest: The Future of Food on a Warming Planet. Co-authored by three food academics from very different disciplines, Uncertain Harvest seamlessly weaves together their distinctive voices into a third person narrative, a choice that makes the book feel cohesive.

Ian Mosby is a food historian at Ryerson University in Toronto, Sarah Rotz is a food sociologist at York University, and Evan Fraser directs the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph and holds a Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security. Together, they’ve assembled a highly readable, cautiously optimistic book about the future of food. Each chapter tackles food problems and solutions through the lens of a particular food: algae, caribou, kale, millet, tuna, crickets, milk, and rice.

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